Here now one short list of my career. Who likes to learn more about me - read my "mini-biography"
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1997 finished secondary modern school at Realschule Soltau

1997-1998 BGJ Wood- and Syntheticmaterial-technology ; BBS Soltau

1998-2000 Apprenticeship as joiner at J. Stelter in Hörpel

25.08.2000 "Freisprechung" to joiner skilled worker

2000-2001 Subject secondary school technic ; BBS Walsrode

09.2001-05.2002 Tankdriver (Bundeswehr) at Panzertruppenschule Munster

01.01.-21.09.2003 Training as guitarmaker at Dommenget-Custom-Guitars

Seit 22.09.2003 Studies of the wood engineering at the Fachhochschule Hildesheim / development work in the area of guitar making


I have not listed here when I was working as a joiner in between since it might not be of special interest.

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